What Are Search Engines?

One of the most common terms heard when it comes to the internet, is search engine. This is the resource that everyone uses when they want to find something on the web. While the most popular search engines are massive in size, there are many smaller ones as well.

A search engine runs off a very large and complex software. The information it provides can be pages full of web sites or images or other types of content. They are very much like a directory, but the big difference with search engines is they gather the data they need for their listing with the use of complex programs and algorithms which use a web crawler.

What is an Algorithm?

This is a collection of actions that are designated to be carried out for a specific purpose. These actions can be tasks such as calculating a set of numbers, or processing different types of data. What makes an algorithm even more impressive is that the tasks can be performed with just a small amount of space and with amazing speed.

What is A Web Crawler?

This can be referred to as a bot or a spider. In the case of search engines, the web crawler will crawl over information such as a web page or other data, and then compile this so it can be put into the search engine’s listing.

Basically, the search engine goes through actions in order to be able to build lists of information that people search on. As mentioned, the task of web crawling is first done to gather the information. Then once that information has been gathered, it takes advanced software to determine where that information should be listed. Then it takes other programs to be able to identify what is being searched for, so it can deliver the results to what the person using the search engine is looking for.

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