How Important are Titles to the Search Engines

With almost every page that you will be creating for your website you will also be creating a title. Your focus will be on how it will appeal to potential readers and will it grab their attention to entice them to read your content. This is perfectly true but you also need to understand the importance of it in regards to the search engines.

The Title is what describes what the rest of the content is about. The search engines rely on this for the same thing. If your title is totally different than what your content is about this will really irritate your readers. The search engines also have the technology to be able to identify if the title is not applicable to the content. Some people try to fool the search engines and this can do them a lot of harm.

Search engines like Google are placing a very high priority on good informative content and that includes your title. These entities also like to see titles that are going to draw attention because it makes the content they are listing on their search engines look good. Don’t forget that search engines are a business too. They care about the first impressions they are making.

There are some mistakes that you need to avoid when developing your titles that are important to drawing the attention you need from potential readers of your content, plus getting them to be well accepted by the search engines.

One of these mistakes is duplication. Some writers believe that if you use the same title numerous times then you are going to get indexed well for the keywords in that title that are being targeted. This is not the case and the search engines will see it as duplicate content which they will not index.

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