How Do Meta Descriptions Work In Search Engines?

If you have created any type of website whether for personal purposes or for business, then there will be a lot of jargon that you are probably familiarizing yourself with. It opens up a whole new world of terminology. One of these terms is meta descriptions.

What are Meta Descriptions?

The purpose of Meta Descriptions is to let the search engines know what your page is about and with this information they will be able to index your page in the best place in their search listings. That way, people doing a search can find your page.

Whenever any type of marketing of a website is being done, a lot of attention will be placed on the meta description. Most websites have a section for the meta descriptions to be written in on the administrator’s section of the website.This is where attention to keywords that describe the content of the page are focused.

Most of the major search engines are quite secretive as to how exactly they extract information about a website when their web crawlers are going over the content. Apparently, the reason this is so secretive, is because they don’t want web owners to be able to exploit the search engines with shoddy practices. So it is up to the content producer of the website to try and determine how to write the meta descriptions in the best way possible to meet the criteria of the search engines.

Sometimes the search engines will use the meta description that has been written by the content provider. Other times, they will just take the first few lines off the page of content that is being written. This can be confusing and frustrating for the content provider as they are not sure what will be used by the search engines. A good practice is to make sure the first few lines of the content explain what the page is about, and to use the right keywords.

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